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Eco heating project

After probably a few years of thinking about removing our old gas fire and replacing it with a wood burning or multi-fuel stove.  I finally took the plunge and visited a local supplier and installer and I have booked a surveyor to come and give me a quotation for the installation.  Whilst our house (1950s build) had previously used open coal fires in all the major rooms at the time it was built.  Typically in the 1970s these were replaced by central heating gas fired boiler.  In addition to this, each reception room has a stand alone gas fire.  It is my intention to remove these gas fires, knock the rooms through into one and have a 4-5KW wood or multi-fuel stove installed.  I have no intention of removing the central heating.  But I want to use the wood burner as much as possible and ti has been suggested to me that I should be able to heat most of the house (ground floor) from a stove.


1) More eco-friendly

2) More attractive and makes a feature of the room

3) I have a plentiful supply of wood in the garden and a nearby wood who have agreed that I can take some of there fallen timber.

4) Might save a few £!!!

5) Exercise, chopping wood into usable sized logs is hard work, we could all do with some more exercise.


1) Initial expense, estimated cost of around £1200 installed.

2) Initial hastle of having the work done.

3) On-going maintenance, cleaning out the ash, collecting the fuel and preparing it


Will keep posting on this topic to show how I’m getting on, but it is early days at the moment.  I am very keen to progress this quite quickly.  Just before Christmas I had a problem with my central heating and because the gas fires had been disconnected, I didn’t have any alternative form of heating.  This left me feeling very vulnerable and made me think what if we did have a gas shortage in the UK.

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