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Water leaking everywhere

A missed point in water saving

One of my neighbours in my home town of Lincoln, UK, got a problem where his water meter started to leak and it took the local water company nearly two weeks to sort it out.

Bit of background

In Lincoln, like many other towns and cities in the UK installed water meters in most domestic dwellings as a way to encourage people to reduce consumption or as some people believe as a way to raise future revenue.  Up until the late 1980’s water in the UK was charged by a rate-value based on the size of the property.  The regulations state that you can choose to switch to a meter, but go back to rates.  But if there is a change of ownership and a meter has already been installed, then the new owner has to be metered.   Also all new-build domestic properties have meters.  So you can see why installing as many as possible, means that slowly, but surely rates as a way of charging will vanish gradually.

Variable charging around the UK

Metering perhaps is a much fairer way to charge people for there valuable resource, but the is a wide range of charges within the UK, in my region, Anglian Water I pay around £2.60 per M3 (including sewerage charges), yet in the South West this is more like £3.80.  London is around £2.00.  The argument for this is that less populated areas require more infrastructure per customer etc…..

Back to the point

So, it took the local water company around two weeks to fix this leaky water meter and for days I went to work and came home and saw end-less gallons of water, perfectly good drinking water flowing into the stormwater drain.  Is it worth people like use trying to save a few litres a day?

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