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Using petrol or diesel fuel treatments

Do fuel treatments make sense?

I drive a 2.0 litre diesel car and I monitor the miles per gallon (mpg) very closely using the on board trip computer, but also my manually calculating after filling the tank.  During my years driving I have used various diesel and petrol treatments and have certainly noticed the difference in both reduced fuel consumption and power/acceleration.  So in that respect, I’m not suggesting anything other than they do what they are claiming.  I always use one before the M.O.T, as it is becoming more difficult to pass the emission tests and a good dose of treatment improves the exhaust.

My thoughts turn to the production, transport and waste from these on-the-shelf products.  By the time they have been manufacturesd, bottled and in some cases transported around the world how much environmental damaged would have been caused?  I don’t have the facts nor the figures, but I doubt whether a few extra miles out of a tank of diesel or slightly cleaner exhaust fumes would make up the damage.  I would love someone with some data to comment/discuss.

My conclusion would be to drive less overall!!

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