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The £2 energy saving light bulb

Scientists invent a new energy saving light bulb

Cambridge scientists have developed a new lighting source, which potentially reduce the amount of energy used to light homes and businesses.  Whilst this method of lighting has been known for a while, its method of production was inhibitive, each bulb costing around £20.  New research has paved the way for the production costs to come down to a very commercial £2 per unit. 

The bulbs are made using Gallium Nitride (GaN), a man-made substance used in LEDs (light emitting diodes).   These have been used in applications such as mobile phone, cycle lights and other small battery powered devices.  It is the chosen method of light, due to its energy efficiency.

Another feature of this method of lighting is that these bulbs can be dimmed, unlike low energy lighting.  It is also estimated that these bulbs could have a prolonged life span and some reports suggest 60 years.

I’m sure we will here more about these bulbs shortly.

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