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Standby electricity use around the house

With the news that most of the power utility companies are about to increase their charges for both gas and electricty, I though it was time to have another look around the house to see if I could make any futher savings. It is actually quite surprising how bad habits can creep back in. A while ago, I had the whole family turning stuff off and watching one of those little battery powered energy monitors to see how low they could get the reading.  But how times change, within a few weeks, tv’s are getting left one, lights burning away and nobody seems to care.

So, I made a note room by room of things on standby or completely unnecessary things plugged in.  For example, in the main living room, I found a TV, a digital radio, a laptop and mobile phone charge, all left plugged in and/or on standby.  I don’t actually know how much power these devices were using, but any unnecessay usage is just wasteful, end of!!

Why don’t you have a look around your home and/or office to see if you can turn unnecessary stuff off?  Why not make a list everything that is kept on all the time, do you really need it to be on all the time?  Some things really need to one 24/7, I have an landline telephone with answering machine.  I don’t like to unplug my router or cable modem.  It never seems to be as stable when it’s frequently turned on and off.

If you are really interested, you could always work out how many watts

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