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Solar Kits for schools

Schools & Homes Energy Education Project/Solar-Active is a Social Enterprise combining education, invention and manufacture to facilitate individuals and organisations to make informed decisions about energy use. We have successfully pioneered an education method and renewable & energy efficiency resources – to make learning and teaching enjoyable and foster enthusiasm to raise attainment in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


The resources [ e.g solar car/boat] can be built within 45/55 minute lesson with an immediate positive experience for students. The students are encouraged to use problem solving to make adjustments to improve the performance of the devices they have constructed creatively. The students feel they have accomplished something and have a product to show for their hard work.




Science teacher Alex Varley from Minsthrope School, Pontefract said:- “We took the cars out [3rd November] and made the most of the winter sun today and they worked great. Once again, the children really enjoyed this and have some quite original and thoughtful ideas for their car body shell designs.”


Over the past several years STEM Net schools in UK have successfully used the solar resources. The schools have embedded the tasks into their National Curriculum Schemes of Work because they have been so impressed with results and feedback from their students:- “Can we do more things like this? – It was cool!


The Qualifications & Curriculum Authority (QCA) considered the resources to help pupils transfer knowledge and skills between different subjects to develop pupils’ engineering skills in a cross- curricular context. These resources have proved useful with the ‘hard-to-reach’.


Services include: – D&T/Science/Environment Day demonstrations and activities, CPD, family workshops, school and community Solar Challenges [by 50+ UK Local Authorities/Borough Councils] solar water heating courses, eco/carbon-footprint/energy efficiency home/school/workplace surveys and actions plans to support joining Eco-Schools programme; to save energy & costs.


We have established recovery-insulation.co.uk to manufacture an environmentally friendly thermal and acoustic insulation made form recycled cotton textile fibres.


Contact details: – 53 Mowbray Street, Unit 12 – Sheffield S3 8EN – 0114 2499459 david@solar-active.comhttp://www.solar-active.com