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Small steps for the New Year

With the new year only a few days away, my thoughts have turned to resolutions.  Now we are used to people pledging to make dramatic changes to their lives, by stopping smoking, going on a diet or starting a new exercise.  We also know that these massive challenges are prone to failure, mainly because they are just too larger steps to deal with.  In environmental matters much of the above is also true.  For example, imagine pledging to cut down your car miles by say 20%.  Or only eating locally produced food? If like me, you’d probably last a month tops.  But if we broke that down into much smaller steps and importantly made these small steps completely natural and then build on them later.

One example of this we did as a household last year, we decided to change our shopping habits.  Now it would have been impossible to buy local stuff only, cycle to the supermarket, use our own bags, buy recyclable packs etc… For a busy family, impossible.  But in the last year, we have reduced our overseas fruit and vegetables to nearly zero (trolley/cart is now filled with produced in the UK) and we always use our own shopping bags.  We still drive to the supermarket, but never as a special journey.  We always now combine this with going somewhere else.  So you can see how we have succeeded and more importantly made these successes normal.

My tip for you is to pick a bag eco/environmental area which you now is really bad and try to break the ultimate aim down into a few stages and try to that approach.