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Saving water and having a laugh

I arrived home from work and it was very overcast overhead and it was raining a small amount.  It looked like a heavy shower was on the way.  My car was very dirty and in a desperate need of a clean.  It seems that every old car garage or car car dealer has turned into a handwash car cleaning company, charging £5 or so.

Instead of waiting for a dry day, getting out a bucket of soap, hot water and hose pipe, I decided to clean it there and then.  Here’s what I did, I simply used a sponge and went around the car removing the dirt and letting the rain (now getting heavier) to wash off the lose dirty water.  Whilst the result wasn’t exactly a showroom finish, it took only a few minutes and no doubt I have saved somewhere in the regions of 500 litres of mains water.   I also saved the £5 as well.