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Saving fuel and money, driving.

Well known tips for cheaper, cleaner driving.

There are several well known tips for reducing the amount of petrol or diesel your car(s) consume.

  1. Slowing down, crusing at 55mph instead of 70mph can save around 20%
  2. Turn off the air conditioning/climate, can save 10%
  3. Carry only what you need, more weight more fuel
  4. Inflate the tyres to the correct pressure, remember riding a bike with soft or flat tyre!
  5. Remove roof boxes, roof bars and cycle carriers if not needed.  This will make your car more aerodynamic.
  6. Get your car serviced and use a quality fuel every now and again, supermarket petrol or diesel is fine, but put some branded stuff in every 4 or 5 fills.  They contain better cleaning additives and help to keep the fuel system clean.
  7. Avoid harsh acceleration/braking.  Try to anticipate the traffic flow.
  8. Avoid using electrical stuff for the sake of it, but remember safety is the number one priority.

My big, lesser known tip

Check in the owners manual and look for engine performance table/section.  It will tell you the maximum power and torque for your vehicle.  Much is talked about changing gear early to avoid high revs.  But did you know that causing the engine to lag or described an other way,  put your foot flat to the floor and not accelerate as you expected.  Did you know that this actually causes un-burnt fuel to pass through the engine and out of the exhaust?  You should look to drive in the correct gear around the maximum torque and not necessarily in the highest gear!

For my car a diesel Ford Mondeo, that around 1,800 revs gives me the best engine speed for decent acceleration and ability to drive up hills.  I also achieved my best around town MPG figures, better than changing up to the highest possible gear the engine could take.

I’m not suggesting that this will have the a massive effect on your petrol or diesel consumption.  But along with the measure above, you might just become addicted to trying to get a few more miles out of that tank!

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