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Saving energy: Cooking 1

Cooking on gas!!!Hob steamer

When I cook I tend to use a two tier steamer placed on a gas hob.  Until very recently I used to virtually fill the bottom pan with water and placed it on the largest gas burner.

There are a few things wrong with this approach, firstly, it takes ages for the water to boil and secondly once I’ve steamed all my

vegetables I ended up empting all the water down the sink.  I thought this wasted energy and I was doing this everyday!!!

My solution day 1

I measured a set amount of water and recorded it,  800ml of water and placed it on the largest gas buner as before.  It took ages to heat up and I think that I spent about five minutes just heating water, until the steam started.  Once I had finished cooking, I measured the remaining water and it was 650ml.  I really couldn’t believe it, I’d heated three quarters of the water for no reason! 

Day 2

I decided to add 600ml of water this time, which might sound too much but I didn’t want to boil it dry.  As you’d expect I ended up with a quite a lot of water, again poured down the sink.  But I did manage to turn down the gas and the pre-heating time was much shorter.

Day 3

500ml of water, pan placed on the smallest burner and turned down to half and I ended up putting about 180ml down the sink.


With a few more days of reducing the water gradually, I found that the kitched steamed up less, the overall cooking time was reduced.  I wasn’t pouring lots of energy down the sink.

Whilst to some people this might seem very trivial and perhaps pointless.  It doesn’t take any effort to do, after the initial testing.  I would certainly recommend that you analyse your cooking habits and methods to see whether it is possible to reduce something or do something different.  For example I use gravy granuals.  So instead of heating up more water, I use all of the water from my steamer and if necessary top it.

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