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Part 9 of my woodmulti fuel stove project collecting wood

Hi Everyone

Since we’ve had slightly unseasonally cold weather, I’ve actually been using my wood burning stove more than I’d have imagine.  The real beauty of using the stove is the rest of the house, for example the bedrooms remains cool.  Which makes this ideal for just taking the chill out of the house.

Since the last update, I have started collecting wood from nearby landowners, both of them seem actually pleased that I was remove the fallen trees.  So I’ve begun to build up a decent stockpile of logs.  I’ve also bought a Spear and Jackson chainsaw, which has helped me so much. Logs cut up ready

Log store time

My next task is to build a log store.  Looking around the Internet these flat-pack kits seem very expensive, something like £150 ($240) and to be perfectly honest, they don’t look great.  So I’m on the lookout for some pallets to act as a base and maybe some reclaimed wood (treated, so not suitable for burning) for the supports, side and roof.

If anyone has any designs that I could use, I would be really greatful to receive them.

Other tools for log processing

I’m also finding that my trusty old handheld axe really isn’t up to the job and therefore, I’m really going to need to buy a decent axe and maybe a log splitter. I’ve also seen what I think you call a saw horse, a sort of work bench to hold the logs whilst sawing.  At this stage I’m not too sure if I will be useful or not.  As so far I have managed to cut up quick a few logs without one.

Paper Logs

I’ve also been looking into paper logs again. There seems to be quite a lot of debate around whether these are worthwhile.  One post I saw on a money saving forum, described them as messy, short-burning and took ages to make.  I have quite a lot of paper generated from junk mail, shredded confidential material and general waste paper.    I think I should also point out that I have not intention of using these as a main source of fuel.  Because I can’t see how they would burn either hot enough or long enough.  But from what I have read so far, they are very useful for fire lighting.

Hopefully before too long I will be able to post up my log store and update on how things have been going, as we slowing go into the Autumn.

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