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Part 8 of my woodmulti fuel stove project

For those who have been following this project, the previous post can be found here Part 7

Well its been about two weeks since I had my Fireline FX5 multi-fuel stove installed and I’ve actually used it several times, burning wood which I chopped down last year in readiness.  I also burned some untreated timber left over from another project.


Monday 18th April 2011, sometime in the afternoon.  The scaffolder had been sometime during the day and this was the first evidence that the project was going ahead.

Wednesday 20th April 2011, 7:00 I removed as much furniture from the room, removed the curtains and put dusk covers over anything I can’t remove.

By 9:00 to workers from Flames of Lincoln arrive and were quite surprised that the room had been cleared and went on to tell me that not everyone had the sense to take this precaution.

By 13:00 the opening had been completed and the opening and started work on lining the chimney with the class 1 liner as required for a shared flue.

You can see from the above picture that we also opted for a limestone hearth.

Sometime later on Wednesday 20th 2011 The job was completed.

So after not even a full days work, two guys completed the installation, complete with insulation and fireboards.  Obviously I have quite a lot of work to complete in the rest of the room.

The guys from Flames of Lincoln, then demonstrated the stove and went through their various HEATAS checks (that is the equivalent of gas safe) and told us that we must leave everything to cure and go-off for a couple of days.  In line with the manufacturers guidelines, they also told us to begin with a series of very small fires to help settle everything down and finally cure the stove paint.

Tuesday 26th April sometime in the late evening.  I finally decided that with nobody else in the room, I would fire up the stove.  I re-read the instructions and went to my shed and brought a small amount of wood in.  I got about 5 sheets of newspaper and made loose balls to light up with.  I ran it for about 30 mins and shut of the air supply as the fuel was consumed.  What a great feeling.

Wednesday 27th April.  As Tuesday really, but with slightly more wood and for a little bit longer.

Friday 29th April, again as before, perhaps less than Wednesday.

Sunday 1st May 2011.  It was quite a cold and I ran the stove much longer and hotter than before.  Really great to finally see it burning and feeling the heat spreading throughout the house.

Job done!!!!

Comments about the supplier/installer – Flames of Lincoln

I really can’t speak highly enough of them.  From initial enquiry, right through to final checks, they have been absolutely great.  Pricing was competitive, technical knowledge and advice could not be faulted.  I would recommend them to anyone.

So what’s next

You’d think that getting the stove up and running would be end of this project.  But in fact in many ways it is the start.  I’ve begun to look into a source of commercial available logs (ecologically managed), log stores and other accessories.  I will certainly continue this series of posts.

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