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Part 6 of my wood/multi-fuel stove project

Just a very quick update on the project.  It had stalled for a few weeks, whilst I got some other building work complete.

I think I have now chosen a supplier for the stove and the installation work.  I will be doing a full review on them in due course, as so far I have been very pleased with their customer approach and I am just waiting for the final quotation.

We have decided to go for a 5KW multi-fuel burner, as this doesn’t require the ventilation air-brick, but it can be run lower than 5KW if required.  But after this harsh winter, I decided to up the capacity from the original specification of 3.5KW.  The only doubt in my mind about this approach, is a friend told me that not running at capacity can lead to more cleaning of the glass.  Now I don’t know whether that is true or not, but I guess only time will tell.  If anyone has any experience, please comment.

The work that we are being priced for, includes knocking out, installing a limestone hearth, fire-boarding back, sides and top, a 9 metre liner and pot removal.  As it is approaching Spring, I’m guessing that it is a good time get the work done and the company said, that it would normally take a day to a day and a half.

I will be posting much more detail and including a review of the company I have chosen to employ soon.

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