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Part 5 of my wood/multi-fuel stove project

Well its been a couple of weeks since my last post on the wood multi-fuel stove project.  This in truth is done partly to my laziness and partly due to there not being too much new information to talk about.  I have since had a second contractor around to survey and they seemed very friendly and perhaps a little less professional than the first one.  But I am still awaiting the price back.  They did however raise a very important question with me.  That is, what output size of stove do I want and I don’t actually know.

So what size stove should I go for?

Using the various online guides, whereby you put the basic room size measurements in and it spits out a kilowatts. Which I was fairly happy to go along with, until this second contractor asked my why I thought I only needed about 3KW.  I told them that I’d used a couple of these guides and even allowing for a little expansion in terms of knocking two rooms together, I could see any reason to get anything bigger.  His response was perhaps not that surprising given that they are trying to “upsell” the size of the order.  (or perhaps I am being a little unfair??)  He said that why not go up to 5KW and not put as many logs on a time, if I wanted less heat.  They also said that, once a 3KW stove is installed, then it is very difficult to go back and put in a larger one and I’d never do it anyway.  It is true that this winter, I say temperatures as low as minus 16 oC and no doubt it would have been extremely useful to have had a good fire on the go!

So which is better a smaller stove run at capacity or a larger stove which can so “controlled” by running under capacity?  One thought I had on this, is to make sure the stove looks right for the room and if a larger 5KW one works, then so be it.    Has anyone got any experiences of this to help?

Decisions so far

1) Multi-fuel and not just wood burner/burning

2) Less than 5KW, to avoid installing an air brick

3) Must be an approved appliance, as we are in a smoke controlled zone

4) Flue liner required.

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