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Part 2 of my wood/multi-fuel stove project

Installation surveys arranged

So I’ve arranged for some installation companies to come to my house and assess/survey the suitability and hopefully give me an acceptable price for the work.  Whilst I feel that I could do much of it myself, I do feel a little nervous about knocking giant holes in my living room.  (see picture below)  We currently have a dis-used and capped off 1980s gas fire, which as you can see sticks out quite along way.  I am hoping that a wood burner can be set back into the chimney to not only be safer out of the way of children, but also to give us just a little bit more room.   I am looking to create a very clean looking effect, that is a set-back stove, with the immediate surround plastered and painted a very light colour to contrast the dark metallic look of the stove itself.

A concern or two

I have two main concerns about this approach and I will be seeking advice from the installation guys.  Firstly, if the stove is set-back, does it become less efficient and secondly, do you have to open up the entire flue or can it be boxed in?

Expectation of cost?

I don’t really know how much I should be expecting to pay for the whole job and I’m not doing it to vastly reduce my current heating bills, it is more about becoming more carbon neutral and making another environmentally friendly decision.    I would hope the whole project would come in under £2000, but I simply don’t know at this stage.  I’m guessing that we need quite a bit of preparation in the way of the chimney swept, the opening knocked out, the plastering, the flue liner and the list seems to go and on.  I would really love to here from people who have recently done this sort of thing and get the real tips.  Please feel free to tweet me www.twitter.com/energywatersave or email me mail@energywatersaver.co.uk I can’t unfortunately accept comments directly on this site, due to excessive spam.

The final result (or current dream)

Okay so above I showed the current gas fire, looking tired and situated in a badly in need of re-decoration sitting room.  Yes, it is very pink and seemed a good idea at the time!!!  Having chatted through sizes with a couple of people, we need a 5KW stove.    The image to the right is not the exact look of stove, I’m currently favouring, but I do like the simple surround and hearth.  I think it makes a very traditional heating source look very modern indeed.  It would in my opinion be wrong to go for these ultra-modern, hi-tech looking stoves.  Also, I’m not too keen on using old beams to add the cottage feel, unless of course its located in a cottage.

Once I have some progress, I will post again on this project.  If you do have any advice or wish to make comments, please use the twitter or email above.

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