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Make your woodburner work harder part 2

This is the second part of make your woodburner work harder, see part 1 here

4. Don’t reload too often

Like a hungry toddler, your stove will gladly guzzle anything you offer it. The better option is to ensure it’s making the best use of what you’ve already given it.

Just as the toddler might be storing lots of food in its cheeks, so your stove might be demanding more than it needs.

Don’t reload your firebox until the existing logs have been reduced to embers. You might not have roaring flames, but heat is still being given off into your room.

5. Close the bottom air vent once the stove is going

If you have both air vents open at all times, you’re making life too easy for your stove. Once the fire is lit and burning well, you should close the bottom air vent.

Having both vents open allows too much oxygen into the firebox and burns your fuel too easily and too quickly. Close the vent and let your stove do the work.

6. Close the door too

It might seem like common sense, but this does confuse quite a lot of people. Once your stove is lit, the door should be closed (unless your user manual says differently).

The confusion probably arises from people who are used to feeling the heat from the flames of an open fire. Just like leaving the bottom vent open, opening the door just lets lots of oxygen in and burns the fuel too quickly.

Close the door, let the fuel heat your stove and your stove will heat the room.

Get more tips on getting your stove to work harder in part three.

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