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Log splitting maul review

Log splitting with a maul

Now that you have got your wood burning stove installed, your attention has probably turned to stockpiling wood to dry out ready for the next Winter season.

I have been quite good in obtaining wood from my neighbours and friends.  The resulting logs are usually quite large and need chopping up.  The cutting isn’t really a problem, a chainsaw is without doubt the best method of doing this but failing that a good handsaw can also work.

A big problem I found was splitting the logs into usual pieces.  I first tried a small hand axe, then a lump hammer and wide chisel.  Both of these methods worked, but were equally slow and very hard work.

I had been recommended using a long handled traditional axe, but just before going out and buying one, a friend suggested a maul.  I had not heard of Log splitting mauls before and decided to do some further research.

What is a log splitting maul?

A log splitting maul is very similar to a long handled axe, with one main difference.  The maul is much wider and effectively not sharp.  Which if you stop to consider this, this actually makes perfect sense.  An axe is designed to cut, yet the maul is designed to split.

I’ve been using one of these for around six months now and found that I can split logs so much quick, with less effort and safely.

Recommended product

Product Description

Expert quality, forged from fine grain carbon steel correctly hardened and tempered with a polished head. Fibreglass shaft fitted with comfortable shock-absorbing rubber grip.Draper Expert tools are ideal for the professional tradesperson or the committed DIYer who appreciates quality. The range includes items for all of your professional and home improvement needs, including power tools, socket and spanner sets, saws and woodworking tools, storage items and protective gear, and engineering tools.

All Draper tools are manufactured to high quality standards that are strictly controlled by our quality control engineers. They offer good value for money and a number of useful features to improve the performance of the product. All Draper products come backed by the Draper Tools guarantee.

Draper Tools is a family-run company that has been selling high-quality tools in the United Kingdom and beyond for more than 90 years. To bring you the tool you need, the Draper buying team sources innovative products, which adhere to strict ethical and quality standards, from all around the world.

 Box Contains

1 x Draper Expert 09944 log splitting maul with 2.7 kg fibreglass shaft

What I like about this maul

Firstly it comes with a very nice handle/grip with feels really good with and without gloves.  I would also strongly recommend any of the heavier mauls, 2.7Kg gives a good blow, without being too heavy to use for a the maul for a long period of time.

Draper of course is a well respected name and known for quality tools.

What other people are saying about this maul

It appears extremely well made and is heavy enough to be effective but not too heavily to whield easily. It made light work of a number of huge pieces of tree trunk I had and turned them into logs with no problem. The combination of weight and blade worked fantastically well.

I would recommend it highly. Despite buying splitting wedges I did not need the hammer element of the maul as the axe was so effective.

This is a great tool easy to use not lots of effort required which is good as i am the wrong end of 50 would recommend without hesitation.

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