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Going green in the workplace

Three Ways You Can Make Your Workplace Go Green

The workplace is one of the places on earth where huge amounts of energy are used on a daily basis. Laptop computers, telephones, fax machines, photocopying machines, refrigerators, air conditioning systems – these are just some of the energy-consuming appliances and electronic gadgets you will find in the office, which can really eat up large chunks of energy when not used properly. The good news is that you can go green in your workplace the same way that you can do so in your own home. Here’s how:

Turn the Lights Down Low

You don’t literally need to use dimmers here. Instead, check all the light bulbs you are using in the office and see whether you can replace them with lower-wattage lighting without affecting the productivity of the workers. Two types of energy-efficient lighting you can choose from today are LED and CFL lighting. Between the two, however, LED is ideal to use as replacement for incandescent bulbs because they comply to the RoHS standard and does not contain mercury, which is very toxic to the health and very harmful to the environment. LED bulbs, on the other hand, have lower annual operating costs, lower carbon dioxide emissions, and lower chances of failing.

Say No to Screen Savers

Don’t let the name fool you, because screen savers actually do very little or nothing at all in helping you save energy with your computer. In fact, most screen savers keep the computer monitor running, which can still consume energy. Therefore, say no to screen savers and turn your computer monitor off (if you are using a desktop computer) or in sleep mode instead. Also, learn more about your computer’s energy saving functions and use them. This, and not your computer’s screen saver, or even the so-called Eco Button will help you save energy at the office.

Get Smart with Smart Power Strip Cords

You probably know that electronic devices such as computers and copiers still draw power even when they are turned off. This means unless you unplug them, they will still suck electricity. This is where the importance of smart power strip cords comes in. These smart gadgets are designed to reduce power consumption by cutting the phantom power of an appliance or device once they sense it has been turned off. The device works efficiently with laptops, printers, chargers, adapters, and other similar gadgets. Get rid of the energy vampire in your workplace by investing in this clever innovation.

About the Author: Gene Armstrong is an energy expert based in Australia. He specializes in knowledge about switching, energy efficiency, and green energy. He recommends you find out more about tru energy solar and other green energy suppliers and what they can offer to help you save energy at home or in your workplace.