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Ford and the Eco test

Recently Ford has started to offer a service, where istead of just hearing about how to drive more environmentally, they analyse it for you.

1) You pay them £30 ($45)

2) The check your car over, looking at about 35 different things, such as tyre pressure, fuel and ari filters etc.

3) They fit a data-logger to your OBDII port (where they plug computers to check stuff)

4) You drive around normally for a week

5) Return to the service centre and they print out stuff like typically rev range for each gear change and how hard you brake and accelerate.

It seems to me like a good idea, but I wonder if it’s really a sales tool to get your service/repair business under the cloak of the environmental banner.  I think it would be better if it had say been the RAC or the AA (or other breakdown organisation.)  I can see plenty of people making significant reductions in their fuel consumption, however, will this just be a short-term solution?

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