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Environmental talk is cheap

I recently attended a sustainable trade fair in Lincoln at the Epic centre, it was intended to show Headteachers, Governors and other stakeholders all about sustainable schools.  There is a massive new school building programme at the moment, so this is a key time to get it right for the next fifty years or so.  Whilst there was a lot of interest, it occured to me that in real terms nothing much had evolved in say the last ten years.  During my numerous chats with people during the day, I soon realised that it was perhaps a losing battle.  I say that because everyone was talking a good game, but I suspect the vast majority we driving to the supermarket to buy vegetables from the other side of the world or perhaps booking that expensive far-away sunny holiday.  There stil doesn’t seem to be enough urgency around the whole issue of eco, environmentalism or sustainability.  We need a drastic change to our lifestyles, our culture and most importantly our self-centred attitudes.  Perhaps this isn’t the right place to write this, but I can assure you that it is straight from the heart.  I started hearing about these problems about twenty-five years ago, how our global impact might affect my great-grandchildren, but now I fear for my our daughter and just how the world might be in ten years from now.

Reduce, recycle and reuse….please.

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