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Eco kettle

eco-kettleMy kettle finally went bang and I’ve had it for around 10 years.  But I’ve sorted of been waiting for it to go as, I’ve had my eye on one of those eco-kettles.   Th typical kettle is about 3KW and so uses loads of power.  It is also one of the easiest ways to save energy.   With a lot of the energy or water saving techniques there can be massive capital costs, long paybacks and much mess/fuss.  But this little investment can and will make a difference to your energy bills.

How is this kettle eco?

The principle behind them is fairly simple and helps you meet the energy saving advice of boiling only what you need.  They way it works to by having two chambers for the water.  The trick is that only one of them is boiled.  So you can fill the kettle tight up to the top, push the plunger to fill the boiling chamber to the amount you want.  It’s go a measuring guide on the side, but that seems to be for teacups and not mugs.

What do I like about this eco kettle?

  • It holds enough water for 4 decent cups in the boiling chamber
  • The cold water holding is enough for another 4, without going to refill
  • It comes with a measuring guide on the side, so you only boil what you need.
  • Cordless and lightweight
  • Boiling only what you need, means that it boils really quickly

What other people are saying about the Eco-Kettle

“After years of nagging my wife not to boil a whole kettle full of water to make a single cup of coffee, I thought that the Eco-Kettle would be the answer to my problem. And so far, it has been. “

“One thing that no-one’s mentioned so far is that it makes a fantastic cup of tea! With normal kettles you’d often be boiling water that’s been boiled before, which really affects the taste, especially after two or three times. With the Eco-Kettle you’re effectively using fresh water each time. It’s really rather brilliant. “

For me boiling enough for say a cup or two isn’t anything new for me, but I found it really hard to get the family interested, so this eco-kettle is perfect.

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