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Domestic Energy Monitoring

A few months ago I wrote a post on energy monitoring and whether these gadgets were in fact really worthwhile or not.  Since that post I have noticed that not only in my house, but also quite a few other people’s houses.  Their free or in some cases paid for domestic energy monitoring devices are now ignored.  One of my friends has even not bothered to change the batteries and the gadget is left blank.

Energy monitoring – Why don’t we?

So like me you’ve probably had one these little units that you fix a magnet to your meter (power feed cable) and then watch the costs go up when the kettle is on.  Perhaps you rushed around the house and started to switch off the lights, the tv on standby, unplugged everything and watch as your meter costs dropped.

So how long did you do this for?  Did the kids get fed up with being told to switch stuff off?

I think I managed about two months and no more.  But why?

Having sat down to think about this topic enough to write this post, I decided that I lost interest in this for one reason and one shameful reason only.  That is, I can afford to spend a few extra £ on my power bills and those few extra £ meant keeping the peace in the house and meaning that I could go on with my daily, busy like.  I know it sounds awful, but I am too busy to be bothered about saving a few £, when I know that there are millions of people flying, driving and wasting energy all the time.

Another reason, is that I have spent quite a long time looking to reduce my energy usage and have made all the major improvements already and I’m left with very minor ways now.

The major energy suppliers e still looking to supply these devices and have recently added the use of the Internet to these.  British Gas are offering a smart energy package, whereby you can really look at your domestic energy usage in graphical form and apparently know exactly how much has been used and how much costs you have incurred.

Are these domestic energy monitors just a gimmick?  I honestly think they are, after all, the energy suppliers want you to think they are looking after you, but really, they want you to use more!!


I would really love to hear your comments about domestic energy monitoring.

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