Cooking 2

Simple but effective

More recently I’ve been focusing on cooking for a short a time as possible.  Before hand I would switch everything on and go and watch some television program for around 30 minutes or more.  Go back in to the kitchen to discover I’ve well and truely over-cooked the meal.  On some rare occasions I actually managed to completely burn the food and its ended up in the bin.  This then involves a car journey to the nears take-away/fast food shop or a second go at cooking.

Just think about the energy costs involved in over-cooking. 1) Wasted cooking energy, 2) Wasted food (all the growing and transport, packaging issues), 3) Energy cooking again.

Not to mention the time and hastle of going shopping, eating poorly cooked food, the last of nutrients etc.

It might sound a simple thing to say, but getting a timer was the best thing I’ve done in ages and I’ve noticed my power usuage has just started to come down ever so slightly.