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Hello everyone,  when I’m reading blogs I always think it’s important to get to know the author a bit more.  What’s better than an nice big picture?

About me

My name is Marcus and a live in a city called Lincoln, which is situated in the East Midlands of England.  I first became interested in Environmental issues during the late 1980’s aged around 13 or 14.  It was around the time when terms such as “global warming”, “river pollution”, “rain forest destruction” and “finite reasources” started to be discussed in the general media.  I remember watching the news with those scary stories about life without oil, electricity and the Ozone layer.  It was pretty scary stuff as a teenager and it has to a certain extent left me scared.


Following on from secondary school (high school),  I decided to have a year out (see later under work) before entering higher education.  I studied Environmental Science at Coventry University for three years.  This included a number of key and interesting modules from Plant/animal physiology, environmental chemistry to remote sensing (monitoring using satellites).  It was a pretty varied degree to take.


During my year between A-levels and going to Coventry University, I spent a few weeks volunteering with the Groundwork Lincolnshire.  This involved leading a small team of mainly A-level students working on a small-scale project to survey the fauna and flora of a threatened inner city site in Lincoln.

In 1999 I joined a fairly local chemical company called Omex Agriuculture as the quality control chemist with developmental responsibilities.  After a couple of years I moved to another division with the Omex Group, Omex Environmental.  This was much more to my liking, the company are focused on supplying environmentally friendly solutions as replacements for traditional harmful ones.  For example, the use of Magnesium hydroxide to neutralise acidic waste.  Traditionally, caustic soda was used.

In 2004, it was time for a new challenge.  I moved to Freerain Ltd, a fairly new rainwater harvesting company again based quite locally.  We currently supply rainwater harvesting systems in to the new-build sector for both domestic and commercial applications.  Working with Freerain has inspired me to write this blog and hopefully pass on some ideas.


Going to the gym, playing the guitar, internet and website construction and watching Grimsby Town football club.

I have recently begun distance running after a break of several years and completed the Loch Ness marathon October 2010.  I really enjoyed it, and have now entered the Windermere marathon in May 2011.


I am married with one daughter and as you can image we are using more power as each year goes by.  So I have a new focus in my drive to reduce consumption.

Thanks for reading. Quick update, it’s been about three years since I first wrote this bio.  I really need a new picture and show you my new grey hair.  (Marcus July 2014)