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7 Little Tricks Anyone Can Do To Help Save Our Planet

Hi Everyone, it’s guest author time again.  Here is an excellent post by Gemma Hastings giving great tips to help save our planet for future generations. I wonder how many of these you do or could be doing.


Everyone is always looking to make their life better. People exercise so they’re nice and healthy because it makes them feel great, so I wonder how they would feel about helping our planet so it can feel great too. If this is something that might interest you it would be easy for you to start helping by changing the way you do things. Let’s look at a big list of everything you can do and you can pick out the ones you can handle, because I don’t expect anyone to start doing them all.

1. Start walking more

If you ever feel like you use the car too much then you should try going for a nice walk instead. It does take you longer to get from A to B, but if you don’t have anything better to do then why not? Jumping in the car and driving 2 minutes to the shop is pretty lazy so it’s not just the planet you will be saving. It will make you a lot fitter at the same time, so remember that the next time you’re about to step into your car.

2. Grow your own veg

When was the last time you ate something that was homegrown? Vegetables usually taste a lot better this way because you get to control how they are grown. You also eat them as soon as they’ve been pulled out of the ground, so they are nice and fresh. If you wanted to grow your own it’s not hard although it might take you a little while before you’re an expert.

3. Take a quick shower

When you jump into the shower and stand there for 20 minutes you’re wasting a huge amount of water. The whole idea behind a shower is convenience it that means you shouldn’t be spending too long under the water. It only takes you a few minutes to clean yourself and you don’t need to stay in longer than that. If you do need to feel warm then go and jump in the sauna at the local gym.

4. Wear more clothes

I would never suggest you sit in the cold instead of turning your heating up, but do you think we sometimes turn it on too soon when we’re not even cold? When you start to feel a little chilly you could try putting a cardigan on. Maybe it won’t get any colder and the cardigan will be all you need. If you keep turning your heating on it only wastes lots of unnecessary energy.

5. Unplug your appliances

Just because your appliances are not switched on doesn’t mean they are not using any energy. They might not be using a lot, but every little helps and it will only take you a second to unplug something from the wall when you’re finished using it. Once you keep doing this for a month or two it will become easy, which means you will forget lots in the beginning.

6. Washing in cold water

This isn’t something you should do all the time and bedding should always be washed in hot water, but you can still wash all your regular clothes on cold water. Someone was always going to come out with a detergent that worked when your water temperature was low and now there are lots available. Over the course of the year it’s a nice little saving you’ll be making.

7. Use a water filter

Instead of buying lots of mineral water you should use a filter and drink the tap variety instead. Buying mineral water all the time means you’re going to go through more than your fair share of plastic. You only need one special bottle and you can carry it around with you everywhere you go. Always fill it with a few liters of water in the morning and you can try to finish it by the end of the day.

Author Byline :

This post was authored by Gemma Hastings, an employee of SolarPanelGrants.org which is a company providing effective solar panel installation to clients.  You can click here for more information.