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Wasting water by UK region

Which English Region Wastes More Water?

For most households, excessive water usage and wastage can cause a noticeable number of problems.

Firstly, while utility costs are constantly on the increase, the general cost of living is going to be much more expensive if your household is using huge amounts of water each day. Not only does it increase how much you’ll end up paying for water each year, but it is also certain to increase your annual gas and electricity costs too.

Secondly, much like using excessive amounts of gas and electricity in the household, overusing water is bad for the environment in the long run. It will ultimately contribute to the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, and climate change.

Our Study and Results

Last month, we conducted a study across the whole of England to find out exactly which region’s average households wasted the most water, and in which areas of the home the water seemed to be getting wasted in.

Here’s how the results stacked up!


As you can see from the results of our UK water wastage study, the household that wasted the most amount of water on average was in the East of England, followed by the East Midlands and then London. This graph is not a representation of the water used in the average household, but water wasted!

Below you can see a graph illustrating exactly which areas of the house were accountable for the majority of the water wasted in the average English household.


This gives a good idea of how England is performing on the whole, but not a breakdown of where households are wasting water by region.

This chart breaks down water wastage by region, showing where you could be making a little extra effort in your home to save water!



While it is certainly difficult to live a perfectly eco-friendly lifestyle, there is definitely room for improvement. Study the above graphs and consider which areas of your home waste the most water, and what you could do to cut down on waste.

With new gadgets and fittings available today such as aerated taps and showerheads, shower timers and even hosepipe timers, there’s no excuse to not try and cut down to save a potentially huge amount of money on your bills over the years, and reduce your carbon footprint too!

Remember, the best way to combat rising utility costs is to reduce the amount of water, gas and energy you use every day!

Author Bio

The post was written  by Mark  Farrell, from Bathshop321.com