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Simple Tricks To Make a Pool Eco-Friendly

Swimming-PoolHaving your own family pool is a fantastic way to help keep yourself and your partner and kids fit all year round, but are you doing this in spite of the green factor? You can still get 365 days of watery fun as well as doing your bit to conserve energy and stay a little green. Having a ‘green’ swimming pool used to point towards a poor cleaning regime because of the algae that has decided to set camp in your water feature. Nowadays we are striving to save money and keep the environment happy simultaneously. Thankfully there are a host of ways in which you can achieve this without too much effort, we’ve highlighted these in this article – Enjoy!

Pool Pump Timer

High electricity bills and rising rates have made the pump a clever place to start your eco-friendly project. Most pools utilise an electric pump and they need a little attention if you really want to get the best bang for your buck. The best way to achieve this is to ensure that the device is maintained properly and to control the operating time. This can be achieved with a pump timer and a little forward planning. Check out the peak usage times for your pool and tweak the timer to kick in at off peak times, usually the evenings.

Pump Suitability is Vital

Your pool pump works pretty hard, especially if you have a larger pool, but how well does it perform? Ensure you have the right pump for your pool because if it is too big you’ll be wasting power, and if it’s too small your pool will not be clean. A decent pump should have the optimum size indicated in the operating instructions.

Ultraviolet Pool Cleaners

Chlorine may do a terrific job of keeping your pool clean, but at what cost to your skin and eyes? Why not make the switch to ultraviolet and reap the benefits of this inexpensive yet effective alternative. Ultraviolet works by eliminating chlorine by products and then reduces the need for excessive chlorine. You’ll still need a little of that stinky stuff but nowhere near as much.

Maintenance Matters

pool cleaning

So many pool owners neglect the basics and the results can be a little costly to the pocket and to the environment. Simple issues like loose leaves floating around your pool can cause a lot of problems. Why wait until the weekend before skimming the pool, do it now and this way you can avoid a clogged up filter and more issues down the line. Clean your pump regularly to ensure it is efficient as possible and re-prime the pump each time. Brushing is also a good practice to follow and of you do this regularly you’ll avoid a big build-up of silt.


You can save a bunch on water wastage by adding a carefully placed windbreaker around your water feature. Wind can help to evaporate your pool’s contents and you’ll be surprised at how much water is lost this way. It will also reduce the heat on the pool’s surface and you will save water as well as money if you follow this practice.

Green Enough?

By following these practices you will not only save some bucks but you’ll be doing a little extra for our beautiful green planet as well!

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Jenny Wadlow, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger and writes for Open Aire, leading water park manufacturers. Jenny is passionate about fashion and loves to keep up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

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